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We hope with Petotum; we can help everyone to create better lives for our pets and for us to become a responsible pet owner
afifah basir

Eight years back, a stray cat gave birth in my parents’ house. Setokin (i.e. Socks). She gave birth to 2 cute kittens. Teddy and Bear. I love animal, and I always think that I secretly own a cat at my neighbour’s house and a puppy at my friend’s house. My family never own any cat because my mother was so scared of cats, and I am allergic to cats (and I still do). Ironically, we were so fond of them, and they make themselves at home. Eventually, they are ours.

Then Bear died, and Socks went missing. So we only have Teddy in our lives. I was so close to Teddy. He waited for me every day at the stairs to play with me. He somehow knew that I am allergic to him, and he never steps a foot in my room unless I let him in. He was so sweet and so kind. I was so in love with him. Because of Teddy, my mother wasn’t so afraid of cats anymore. So weird right? How a feline can change everyone’s heart with his tiny paws.

With Teddy, I don’t know the importance of taking care of a cat properly. We never send Teddy for his vaccinations, let alone to neuter him. He is always active, goes out to mingle around with the strays around our house, and he always comes back. As time goes by, I graduated from university, got a job, I moved out of my parents’ house, and I went on with my life.

One day, my sister said, “Teddy waited for you in front of your room for two weeks. I guess he just tired of waiting and then he just left. We never see him anymore”.

One of the things I regretted the most is taking Teddy for granted. He was there for me, and I left him without saying goodbye. He doesn’t understand why he doesn’t see me anymore at home. Deep down, I think that he must have thought that I left him.

Since then, I determined to do my very best to love and to care for any animal as a sign to remember Teddy, a cat who once showered me with love and kindness.

Now, whenever I see any cat, it reminds me of Teddy. I have rescued and fostered a countless number of cats, a puppy, and now I am the proud parents of 7 cats that I have rescued and adopted for the last eight years.

We hope with Petotum; we can help everyone to create better lives for our pets and for us to become a responsible pet owner.

At your service,
Afifah Basir
8 November 2020