Paw-fect playlist for your pets from Spotify!

Music can makes you feel different emotions, some make you feel happy or excited, some makes you sad or reminisce some good old moments. These feelings comes from how the music were composed.

All of us do listen to music while we’re on our way to work, doing house chores, exercising, cooking and etc.

Pets are just like us humans, they do enjoy some fine tunes when they’re home alone and bored.

While you’re away from home and unable to bring them to work, why not let your pets listen to some of their favourite music and podcasts.

Spotify, a worldwide streaming music platform has playlists that are automatically created based on subscribers’ music genre.

Here are some of the interesting findings about how pet owners use music with their pets:

  • 71% of pet owners played music for their pets.
  • 8 in 10 pet owners believe their pets like music.
  • The most popular genre that pets seem to like is classical and soft rock!
  • 69% of owners sing to their pets.
  • 57% of owners dance with their pets.
  • Almost 1 in 5 pet owners named their pets after musicians. The most popular names are Bob Marley, Elvis, and Freddie Mercury.

Woah, those are some really cool and cute facts! 😀

So if you leave your pets at home when you go to work, make sure to play some music to them via Spotify.

You can set up the Spotify Pet Playlists through this link here

+ Spotify Family Malaysia

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