Cat Spaying/Neutering: What To Know & How To Care For Your Cat

Shifa Azahar
June 4, 2021
cat spaying
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If you have a cat, you've probably heard of cat spaying or cat neutering. First, you must understand what spaying or neutering is.

If you are the cat parent, you must have heard of cat spaying or cat neutering.  First, you have to know what spaying or neutering really is. Surgical removal of your female cat's uterus and ovaries is called spaying while removing your male cat's testicles is called neutering.

It is important to know that licensed veterinarians can only perform these operations. With few complications, cat neutering and spaying are carried out on a routine basis.

Here we will discuss what you should know about cat spaying or neutering and how to care for your cat after these procedures.

Cat Spaying: What to know?

Before the procedure, your vet may perform the blood test and complete a physical exam. As these surgeries can result in discomfort and pain, they are performed under general anesthesia to minimize these problems.

You will notice that your feline companion returns to normal life within a few days of surgery. The surgery site is usually seen to heal within two weeks, and the stitches are also removed on a follow-up visit to your veterinarian. After surgery, your vet will better guide you on looking after and care for your furry friend while he or she is recovering after surgery.

How To Care For Your Cat after Spaying or Neutering?

Here are some important aftercare points to consider.

  • You should keep your feline calm and quiet; it means no jumping, running, and playing excessively.
  • Keep your cat home during the recovery period. This will avoid any risk in the open air.
  • Consider keeping your cat isolated like in the cat-proof room for a few days.
  • The surgery site should be monitored regularly and carefully at least once a day.
  • Some vets are seen recommending recovery collars that help prevent your pet from licking or reaching the surgery site.
  • Your vet may recommend that you keep the incision site covered with ointment, clean, or by administering antibiotics. While many vets recommend not paying special attention to your cat's wound and not taking medications, be sure to follow all aftercare instructions like a follow-up visit.
  • You need to pet your cat a lot during his or her recovery. You have to make him or her feel that life will return to normal.
cat spaying
Cat spaying good for cat health

Cat Spaying: Will my feline's personality or lifestyle change after being spayed or neutered?

Spaying or neutering your furry companion will also affect their personality and change. You will see that your male feline becomes more docile after being neutered. Your cat will also gain weight after being spayed or neutered.

Your cat's hormone dips and spikes will immediately change your cat's personality and lifestyle. Many cat owners are concerned before spaying or neutering their cat that it may affect their general level of activity, playfulness, vocalization, and arousal. You should know that spaying or neutering surgery does not affect them.

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Why should I spay or neuter my cat?

Millions of unwanted pets end up on the streets and shelters due to exposure, disease, hunger, and trauma in Malaysia and other countries. Spaying or neutering prevents this tragedy. Sexual behaviours that are considered a nuisance can be reduced or eliminated through spaying or neutering.

The whining howls of female cats and male cat urine spray fights with other cats, and excessive wandering can be reduced by spaying and neutering. In general, sexually intact cats are at higher risk of being abandoned in a shelter.


From the information written above, we can conclude that spaying or neutering your cat is the best way to have a healthy and calm pet that can easily go with you.

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